DIY Home Landscaping Made Easy

DIY Home Landscaping Made Easy

Home landscaping does not just involve sticking plants into your vacant front or backyard and making it look “green.” When designing and landscaping your own home, you need to invest some time and put in a lot of creativity to beautify your front lawn or backyard.


Here are some do-it-yourself tips to landscape your lawn: First, clear the general area you will be designing and start from scratch. This will give you a better ‘canvass’ to work with. Then, sketch the general look you would like for your garden. Make a list of the plants, trees, and shrubs that you can plant. When deciding on the type of plants, make sure that a plant will flower or bloom for each year's season – winter, spring, summer, and fall. For example, perennial flowers will bloom in May, but it will just look like an ordinary plants. Having a plant that blooms at a different time of the year would make your garden have a focal point even when other plant variants are not in season.

As much as possible, make a layered planting bed. In the back row, which is the farthest from your house, plant the variants which grow the tallest. This will serve as the base of your landscaping. In the middle and front rows, put the shorter plants. Make sure you apply this rule in every garden area where you plan to put in plants for a more ‘trimmed’ look.


You can also vary the design of your walls and fences.  When choosing ‘furniture’ for your garden, like a table and chair garden set, place them in an area where they can best be viewed and enjoyed. Installing a waterfall is a great idea to add to the main attractions of your landscaped garden. With some hard work and a lot of creativity, you will feel great once you look out your window and see the landscaped lawn you designed and built yourself.


This is one of the many tools we use and recommend depending on the size of your property.

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